6 Most Famous Guitar Effects Pedals


Music composition and playing are among few elements that require careful skills and instruments to improve their performance. Guitar effects pedals are instrumental parts that are used to change and add flavour the sounds that the guitar produces. The effect pedals can also be referred to as Stomp boxes which came from how the Guitar player stomps on the pedals to change or harmonize the sounds they are playing. When playing, all that one needs to do is stomp on the instrument and the pedals receive the effect, therefore, changing the sound to give the desired sound. Check out the Sustain Punch website to get started.

There are different pedals that could be put together to have certain synchronized sounds. You just have to purchase the pedals you need and carefully arrange them to be controlled by one main pedal that will be sending the signals. This does not, however, mean that you put together a lot of pedals as you may end up having confused and unsynchronized sounds that will destroy your music quality. Below are a few important pedals that you need to look for when doing your shopping for musical instruments.

Chorus Pedals

The main function of chorus pedals is to provide you with a duplicate of the original sound that your guitar is producing. It gives you a thicker and deluxe sound which improves the music quality. The ultimate sound produced will end up sounding like more than one guitar being played at a time.

Wah-wah Pedals
These are the car like pedals that you step on while playing your guitars. While stepping on it you will be allowing both higher frequencies and lower frequencies. This will give a special wah-wah effect when you are playing your guitar. This gives a rich sound to the music quality that is produced.

Flanger Pedals

This kind of pedals gives an almost similar function like that of the chorus pedals. They tend to duplicate the sent signal. The point of difference is by the way this pedal duplicates the sound but delays before merging it with the original signal. In the end, you get more refined sounds that entail longer and even shorter sounds that are thicker than the sound produced by the chorus vocal effect pedals.

Distortion Pedals

This is one feature that is mostly used by rock music artists and producers. It is mainly used in hard rock, normal rock music and lastly the metallic rock genre. This pedal tends to clip or hold back the signal given when playing the guitar. This ends up giving a distorted sound.

Reverb Pedals

This last pedal gives a different touch to your music. You will have more acoustic touch on the signal that is sent from the pedal. These acoustic spaces will end up providing a delayed echo very effective in creating a big hall performance sound.

Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_pedalboard to read more about this.


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